• Parihaka


Aio tukua mai he ngakau mahaki ki ahau kia to tonu te rangimarie I roto e nga uauatanga me te kaha ki te whakatika I nga marotanga kia matou kia marama hoki ki nga rereketanga ake ake ake

Cold blood of women and children shed in the mud
heaven’s angry again just like Noah and the flood
hear the thud, the kick of the shotgun erupts
as we rape their women and burn their huts

Power-whores sweating liquor as they burst through the doors
searching for taonga in stores and buried under the floor
and what for? Centuries later their people still poor
and in prison oppressed by the Crown’s racist laws

These shores remember the cannonballs’ roars
and the heartbeats of the convicts manning the oars
settle the score remember that this country’s yours
forget the Māori wars and take it straight to the courts

You gots to fight and I should know cos I’m white
and once you’ve fought us long enough we’ll go “what’s right is right”
insight I was blessed with, whatever my slights
and despite my race of origin I live for the plight

to give service making other Pākehā people nervous
cause they still think you wanna serve us up as hor d’oeuvres
yes a conquest kill all blacks before they digest
the rules of engagement Uncle Doug and Aunty Jess

They never guessed Māori were born profoundly blessed
with intelligence strength and a great knowledge of chess
Hone Heke and other leaders whom were indebted
press gave the English the credit but yo we never forget it

So come together keep Aotearoa tapu forever
and let the wairua inside of us divide us up never
and get clever become the ones pulling the levers
and take that old mauri and send it on straight up to heaven

Divided we fall remember all people are equal
and stand tall like Upper Hutt Posse taught us all
and be proud part of a nation that don’t back down
the Crown keeping us apart gonna forever fall now

hey yo

This one here’s for Parihaka mutha fucka
and all of our ancestors who killed one another
Wake the fuck up Aotearoa and discover
we can recover We can recover
wake up

Just give the land back it’s not ours you don’t understand that
you think a bayonet can stand up to hand to hand combat
man to man contact you Ku Klux Klan swamp rat
go back to fucking sheep and calling possums little wombats

It’s just not sensible Māori and Pākehā are inseparable
Māori gave birth to us how is inequality legible?
and the fiscal envelope is it viable? Just try it Bill
and say cheeky darky again Paul cause I’m fucking liable

to break that yo where’s the Race Relations Act at
lets get some laws on resource management give the lawyers a contract
Sovereignty means it isn’t up to the Queen
to say how you govern your people that’s her governing

Language disputes about what the real treaty really said
and two versions casting aspersions over which one you read
what’s that old law say when two versions of a treaty are conflicted?
tear the foreign one up and use the native one instead

Women bled, marae looking like Dawn of the Dead
children taken from their homes badly beaten barely fed
watch what they said stripped of their language give daily bread
to Jesus your saviour that’s what the missionaries read

in mass, humiliating kids in front of the class
nowadays homey’s smoking grass saying “I would’ve kicked his ass”
he didn’t pass fifth form exams he’s learning fast
that he don’t fit in selling drugs stealing cars

Now he molests a young girl his hand under her bra
fist clenching her ass yo but he didn’t even ask
she wears a mask Horizon cigarettes and hip flask
what a task trying to undo the damage of the past

Law is about property look here at the cycle of poverty
properly responsible societies wouldn’t have these divisions probably
possibly the reason New Zealand is going so wobbly
is because the white government’s afraid to address these mistakes properly

hey yo

People are racist and still scared to face this
I can taste it I’m gonna get in trouble just for saying shit
We’re all sacred just a little bit different when we’re naked
this hatred is just energy and love that’s been wasted

Spare the rod those missionaries didn’t all work for God
You’re guilty that’s why you think Pākehā means white dog
but look beyond I’m grateful for a gift given in fondness
oneness proud of this nation we all from

In a song I’m trying to say let’s right these wrongs
Māori people are strong Pākehā people are strong
we all belong in this land where white clouds shone
over the pounamu mountains as Māui looked on

going fishing ten when I first started to listen
to the taonga taught in story form preaching great wisdom
no race division could ever take hold in perfect prism
like systems of government with no need for prisons

for minds or hearts or fear that tears us apart
sacred arts manifested when the healing starts
star charts predict swift change like fast darts
in the second millennium with hiphop drawing the cart

to the destination so many sacred races are waiting
but be patient we’re just about to crucify Satan
inspiration falling down like love in a statement
to share with each other inside this great little nation

To my Pākehā brethren just one more little lesson
remember being born in Aotearoa is a blessing
I’m suggesting your love be demonstrated by your questing
to right our forefathers’ wrongs but no stressing

Culture gives don’t be afraid to give back
Māori fed us for years before we introduced rent and land tax
still they gift our spirits pounamu wrapped in fine flax
we give it all back to god as a matter of fact

hey yo

Aio tukua mai he ngakau mahaki ki ahau kia to tonu te rangimarie I roto e nga uauatanga me te kaha ki te whakatika I nga marotanga kia matou kia marama hoki ki nga rereketanga ake ake ake

2 Responses to “Various”

  1.  Trevor Says:

    Heard this live at Organic Festival. Hit me right between the eyes. An anthem. Hugely powerful challenge to pakeha and Maori in a relevant and accessible form. Add this to the secondary curriculum for our youth to consider. Can’t wait to hear this again. Hope the energy transfers to the studio. May be you’ll record a live version for posterity.

  2.  Matt Says:

    what a talented song writer. this is one of those songs that will be remembered forever.. if not by the nation, at least by the conscious.

    you’re right on man, its an anthem.. no other way it could be put.. honestly one of, if not THE greatest NZ song ever written. and im only basing this on the demo and reading the rest of the verses as theyre sung.

    dude, its freakin amazing.

    cant wait to hear it at a festival or hear it recorded sometime.. but you’re right.. im sure it hits way harder live.. especially at parihaka itself.

    way to go.. cant say enough about it.. so i’ll just stop.


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