3 Responses to “Cushions”

  1.  Jim Vivieaere Says:

    Tommy, I’m a mate of both your mum and dad (although haven’t seen him for near two decades) and was on the periphery when you were knee high. Great video, performance and lyrics. Eiaha Ohipa

  2.  Emily Benefield Says:

    This is funny! I especially like the bit where you’re grooving in the car and giving a shout out to people in the street. Arohanui

  3.  Matt Simpson Says:

    Hey John, after seeing this clip I now see you in a new light. Very smooth Mr Savage!! Excellent Clip, great song. Excellent Vocals Tommy (you wont know me -ask John), and to all the other members of the band well done, I wish you all every success for the future, I will be enjoying listening to your music and checking out that smooth dude John in your up and coming videos (did John know he had his fly down when he was sitting in the chair on this clip??? -hehe). GOOD LUCK -Matt.

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