Tomorrow I Might Go

Tomorrow I Might Go Cover
1. Call to America
2. Dancehall
3. Karaena’s Eyes
4. Angels
5. Ethereal War
6. Tomorrow I Might Go
7. Naked
8. Seed
9. Bush



1. Call to America

If the moon don’t rise in the sky tonight, keep moving forward
Dreadlock anarchist, US embassy, she’s looking onward

and she calls to America
and their poor from Africa
all the way to Jerusalem

If the sun shuts down in the sky today, don’t forget the horizon
Many people fall and they call it war and yet their country’s thriving

and they talk about deliverance
and they walk without any adherence at all
to their Christian principles

If the fire burn low in the wind tonight, just keep it burning
Freepost Parliament ten times a day, all she gets in return is

just more walls of silence
and this war is nothing more than violence

If the child don’t cry in the dawn today, she won’t be waking
Particles of dust, made of metal, thrust on the lives they’ve taken

but they wont take forever
but if we don’t come together

If you get shut down in the street today, just keep on walking
If your friends won’t listen to what you’re saying, just keep on talking

and we’ll talk to America
and we’ll walk forever
all the way to Jerusalem

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2. Dancehall

We can’t afford to pay the landlord’s money
Aint got no phone and the powers not running
Looking for work but it’s just not coming
and it’s just not funny, children got to eat something
Friday night, streets alight, and I’m not drinking
All of my friends are talking, got me thinking
out of the melancholy I’d been sinking,
cause the band is playing and my girlfriends winking

So lay down all your troubles and your dramas at the dance hall tonight,
and empty all your burdens and your problems at the dance hall tonight

I tell you brother, Jah don’t owe me nothing
I live my life trying to build me something
You see the slick cats and the P they’re puffing,
good money they’re running, but the good not coming

The pale skin I got, the song I’m singing
Whether your poor or not the love you bringing
Welfare state raised me but I’m not clinging
to the prison system, no tonight I’m winning

So lay down all your troubles and your dramas at the dance hall tonight,
and empty all your burdens and your problems at the dance hall tonight,
and pray for all the blessings and the glory cause we found Jah tonight,
and shout out to Mt Zion ‘cause were ready, and we found love tonight

I don’t mind working hard to make a living
For everything I’ve got the praise I’ve given,
but lust for money no I’ve never been driven
Yeah you play Bob Marley but you just don’t listen

The greedy politicians lower your taxes
Talk about poverty while she relaxes
Who out there’s still voting for all these fascists?
When the system crashes you can kiss their ashes

& lay down all your troubles and your dramas at the dance hall tonight,
and empty all your burdens and your problems at the dance hall tonight,
and pray for all the blessings and the glory, we found Jah tonight,
and shout out to Mt Zion ‘cause were ready and we found love tonight

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3. Karaena’s eyes

And Becky’s eyes like Croatian skies, when the sun rise
and the free bird flies to me
You know she’ll fly to me

And my mind like the path of time, will unwind
revealing this truth of mine
You know that I won’t stray

And this pain will fall down again, as I cannot chain
my heart to the rain today
No I can’t cry today

Yes and love’s power will completely devour all these sun showers
and Mordorian towers in the way
and nothing’s in the way

Nothing’s in the way

Yes I know deep down below, places we don’t go,
There’s rivers that flow away
and we might flow away

And in light you’ll be there tonight, blinded by sight,
I choose to fight and stay
But I can’t make you stay
And your soul that I can’t control, so beautiful
but love has a toll to pay
and I’m prepared to pay

But time flies and hearts and souls rise to fill boundless skies
and drown out the lies men say
Yeah I don’t need to say

And nothing’s in the way

Your thoughts men used for sport, truths you weren’t taught
that jealousy then sought to slay
The dreams they tried to take

Your heart vast like star-charts, graceful like darts,
where my body starts to sway
The part that made me sway

And these words, truths you’ve never heard, lakes I’ve never stirred,
it seemed too disturbed to relay
The things I must relay

And our love sacred like blood, gifted from above
When push comes to shove I pray
for your welfare I pray

And nothing’s in the way

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4. angels

Walk these lands like angels

I was stranded on the shore/ with the violence and the war/
In the snake pits with a sword/  & my hatred for the lord/
I was taken from the storm/ where the wise men kept me warm/
I was taught there how to form/ love and wisdom from my harm/
Obnoxious, toxic, autonomous/ enter Narcotics Anonymous/
Holding back the erogenous/ transference of androgynous/
Consciousness in the structure/ fluctuation ego rupture/
Empty identity/ to the point of implosion or combustion/
God bust in, the spirit moves you, you fall down/ like heavens crushing/
I started rushing, round the temple/ begging god to show me something/
He said son you once were blind/ take this talisman from my table/
You take these lessons to the people/ & we can walk these lands like angels/

Walk these lands like angels

The seventh son on the seventh day/ saw the seventh sign/
Seven truths, seven ways/ to enlighten your mind/
Seven chakras serving seven kings/ start at your spine/
Seven seals reveal seven lights/ for the dumb, deaf and blind/
Divine loyalty/ I am here to serve this royalty/
It spoils me/ with the love & grace it anoints me/
& points me/ in the right direction of Eden/
Bleeding/ from the judgment of usurpers and heathens/
George W/ I can tell my love doth trouble you/
‘Cause I’m loving Osama bin Laden/ like I’m loving you/
Not because my sores and chores/ have cost me more/
Because love’s the only way to win a holy war/
And it’s war all ya’ll/ you should heed the call/

Don’t stall/ 7000 Babylons will fall/
And lip service to god/ ain’t gonna matter at all/
Whether you chant rounds/ lay a mat or sing in a hall/
If you ain’t telling the truth/ or you ain’t breaking the wall/
Or you relying on the old truths/ lacking the gall/
Become a casualty/ of the ever evolving spirituality/
What was a shrine to you then/ has become a cavity/
Don’t renovate your rut/ or try to save the cup/
God’s alive and yup/ he’s tryin to wake you up/
So if your heart is shut / let the message cut/
We can heal the blood/ as we strut/ these lands like angels/

Walk these lands like angels

Come blow the trumpets yes the new dawn’s coming/ and the kick drums drumming/
Got the bassline humming/ Jesus please say something/
“You people don’t know how beautiful you are/ You fucking living on a star/
The gods in heaven/ never thought you’d get this far/
How bizarre/ homosapiens are breaking spirits hearts/
We fall in love with you/ like astronomers fall in love with star-charts/
We don’t begrudge you any mistakes/ we don’t intervene or try and nudge you/
We gave you free will/ celebrate it, it’s impossible for us to judge you/
We love you/ more than you yourselves could possible ever love you/
We don’t make floods to punish/ or create earthquakes to move and shove you/
So while your body’s still living/ and your soul’s still driven/
We can live this vision/ and complete this mission like angels”/

Walk these lands like angels

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5. Ethereal war

There is no ethereal war no more children,
we’ve taken those devils and buried them down
There is no hyperial war no more brethren,
we’ve taken bad angels and conquered them now

So all you soldiers can turn to healing now

All of you takers can start to give
All of you lovers must start your loving now
Search for the reason Jah let us live

The reason Jah gonna give

There is no ethereal war no more their swords
are melted and angels have exiled their lords
Those for the cause rewards and applause
abundantly gifted with ointment for sores
And the refugees have been treated with care
‘cause they ain’t had a very nice time in there
All the hostages spiritually blessed and repaired
cause its hard to find hope when you’ve lived in despair

And all you hunters can stop your hunting now
All of you judges must stop your judge
All of you builders can start your building now,
giving thanks and praise for the flood

Thanks and praise for Jah’s love

There is no reason to fight and no reason to hate
No reason to lie and no reason to fake
No reason for masks and condemning of names
No resentment is needed nor no-one to blame
There’s a reason why to this great earth we all came
and we got different strengths but we all worth the same
Just like sun photosynthesise rice on the plain
We all need the earth and we all need the rain

So all you fighters can turn to growing now
All you peace keepers must turn to the land
All of you players can start your playing now
We gonna build Zion up with our hands

Build Zion up by Jah’s plans

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6. Tomorrow I might go

I don’t need to tell you that I miss you, you know I miss you girl
I don’t need to tell you that I want you, you know I want you girl

You got a lot of nerve to tell me you need more self love
You got a lot of nerve to tell me you’re not strong enough
You got a lot of nerve to tell me all that self help stuff
You got a lot of nerve to not do what your heart wanted
Tomorrow I might go, I might go

You don’t need to tell me that I’m foolish, I know I’m foolish girl
You don’t need to tell me that I stumble, I know I stumble girl

I don’t need to tell you that I’m hurtin’, you know I’m hurtin’ girl
& I don’t need to tell you that I love you, you know I love you

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7. Naked

Hey, tonight/ OK, I don’t mind
Anyway, you’re fine/ today, it’s alright

You get naked when you’re older, you feel sacred when you’re bolder,
you felt stronger when you were younger, now your hunger’s gone and
you don’t find it when you see it, you don’t mind it when you need it,
you can’t hide it, come to me I’ll set you free with this love

Stay if it’s right/ OK, so you might
But today, just let it slide/ or you’ll pay the price of your open mind

Do you miss it when you’re riding, through the night, and are you frightened?
Your bright eyes, so dark, are hiding the fact that you might need me now
Do you miss it now your older, did you kiss her like you told her you would hold her?
Now you know her, as she comes softly

Days and nights/ plays and fights
You’ve got your wrongs/ and you’ve got your rights
Just stay/ ‘til it’s light

Then I can tell you what you’re needing, can’t heal your heart ‘til it’s stopped bleeding
Now the darkness is receding you can see that its true
That I will hold you ‘til the morning, I will scold you with a warning
I will fold you in this dawning sun and bring her back to you

You get naked when you’re older

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8. Seed

Like a river bed, girl, you and I through so many changes
Started out as lovers and ended up as strangers
And in your mind you unwind and say time may rearrange us
But girl you know you really should not say this
When in a million ways tonight you desert me
You say brother, my lover man that’s just not true
Oh woman you’re not allowed to hurt me, and I’m not allowed to lie to you

And girl you’re like a seed on the leaf of a tree at the top of a mountain

Now you come like you never go
Now you stay like you never roam
Now you’re here like you’re never gone
Now you run away like you’re never coming home
Yes and in the abrasive nature of love we let the waters open
And moonlight dances around the waves
And you free me now like Moses freed the people of Canaan
And you free me now like Abraham freed the slaves

And girl you’re like a seed on the leaf of a tree at the top of a mountain
One day the wind blow the tree, shake the leaf and the seed starts rolling
Snowballing me underneath as the avalanche is falling
When the seed comes calling

Hold me close girl you’re gonna fall
Take a deep breath now you’re gonna dance
When I die I want god to know that I loved you and that’s all
I let you go now take your chance

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9. Bush

Put down all the guns that shot your heart out
Finish with the end and make a start now
George Bush would save me if I were drowning
Why won’t you save my dark skinned brothers Bush?

Fucking out our brains to lose our egos
Self consciousness remains and it goes where we go
If I needed a ride George Bush would take me
Why won’t you to take my Muslim brothers Bush?

Turned off all the screens and saw the starlight
October 04 after the Bush and Kerry fight
If I needed a hug George Bush would hug me
Why won’t you hug my oily brothers Bush?

People know the truth by the sound of his voice
And he’s telling his truth that he learned without choice
I’m telling you now George turn around man
Usurpers aren’t throned at the walls of Zion
Power-whores get stoned at the banks of Eden
The lake of fire flows by the gate of heaven
You’re alive now but you’ll be a dead man
Bible class won’t save you when you face the red man
Jesus told me everything that I just said and
Did you really think ends justifies the means George
Better pay attention to the good book now George Bush

Put down all the guns that shot your heart out

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