4000 Years

4000 Years Cover
1. Amber Cascades
2. Echo Dance
3. Sometimes
4. Jewels
5. Rise
6. Magpie Song
7. Get Up
8. Jah Make It Wet
9. Far From Home
10. 4000 Years
11. God Is Not A Middle Man
12. The Shepherd
13. Empty Field

1. Amber Cascades

Amber cascades forming flowing, taking time swiftly growing
All this time I’ve been knowing, she’s been faster I’ve been slowing
In my mind clitter clatter, fine wine chitter chatter
I’m fine pitter patter up the steps, go climb your ladder

Hit the floor, through the door walks a whore, wants to score,
wants some more, “is it yours? Will I adore it like before?”
Changing shades, hand played, deck laid, bed made,
lights fade, pigs raid, razor blade escapades

Amber cascades

Through a crack in a dream, high on smack so it seems
Memory lapse, moonbeam and stacks of hand cream
What a life, what a godsend, what a wife, for the weekend,
what strife for a short bend, got a pipe for an old friend?

Times changing, I’m bolder; you’re ageing and colder,
Now you’re engaging, you smolder, looking over your shoulder
On a night, on a day, I might walk away
You’re looking tight so I say “it’s alright you can stay”

Are you clean? Are you well? Left the scene? “Go to hell”
Where you been? “Can’t you tell” What’s it mean when it swells?
Take some time feeling clever; you’re not mine, were you ever?
I’m fine, you’re in leather, it’s time for better weather

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2. Echo Dance

Dance in your echo darling
Spin round your shoulders sugar
Drinking your moonlight woman
Sing in your shadow angel
You’re not gonna get me to change my mind
You’re not gonna get me to fall behind
You’re not gonna make me my eyes fall blind
You’re not gonna let me go

Run through your forest girlfriend
Sit in your life light baby
Walk through your garden sister
Beckoning your love now lover
You’re not gonna tell me your heart’s not kind
You’re not gonna not read between the lines
You’re not gonna blame it on the moonlight minds
You’re not gonna let me go

Fall from your high horse sweetheart
Swim in your river lady
Tickling your lantern cutie
Calling to your angels wahine
You’re not gonna get me to lose this time
You’re not gonna get me to choose this crime
There’s a world that’s contained in you girl and it shines
& you’re not gonna never know
That my heart is an angel in a prison cell &
My soul is as old as heaven and hell &
Our truth runs as deep as an artesian well &
You want rivers to ever flow
Ebb and flow

Chuckling from your kisses honey
High off your laughter partner
Rise with your spirit soul
Living for your loving, I am coming
You’re not gonna run & you’re not gonna hide
No you’re not gonna fall and you’re not gonna die
‘Cause your heart is gonna look your fear right in the eye
& your love is gonna let you go
‘Cause I’m not born to hide from the light of the moon
& you’re not born to conclude your spirit so soon
& we’re not born to dance in the dark of a tomb
If it’s meant to be, it will be so
‘Cause you’re the one who can get me to swallow my pride
The one who can get me to step aside
From the fear and the shame & find out what’s inside
You’re the one whose gonna let me grow
So I’m telling you now, by the truth of the sun,
that this life we’re living is the only one
& I love you like I’ll love you when the whole world’s gone
& I just got to let you know

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3. Sometimes Stones

Here beside me your breath is like a lamp through dark lands
Here beside me I can feel the peace of Zion in your hands
Down below you I tell you “I’m doing the best that I can”
Down below you I tell you “girl, I’m trying to understand”

I just wish there was some kind of stone that I could hold to make
Everything alright
But sometimes stones can’t change the moonlight
Sometimes stones can’t make the dark bright

Giving to you is like a gift from above
Living with you is like a blessing of god’s love
You say you need your space, you say I’m in your face
Want to tell you I’ll protect you, but I know it’s not my place

I just wish there was some kind of stone that I could hold to make
Everything alright
But sometimes stones can’t change the moonlight
Sometimes stones can’t make the dark bright

I hold you in my arms & say “a penny for your thoughts?”
But you keep them to yourself; you say “your lesson should be taught”
You look at me so easily saying “love me like a man”
But I’m as strong as god said I was, so I never understand
At night we’re making love and it’s deeper than the sea
But you look at us together say “there’s you and then there’s me”
I never want to leave you, but I know deep inside
That truth is like an ocean and I can’t hide,

I just wish there was some kind of stone that I could hold to make
Everything alright
But sometimes stones can’t change the moonlight
Sometimes stones can’t make the dark bright

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4. Jewels

I stepped into your light, you stepped into mine
& I thought about you every day of my life
Sister of the river I know you made a million moons
You came to me so quickly; you’re leaving me so soon

& I don’t know how to feel today
& I don’t know what to say
I dreamt you like a sleeping cat of air and fire
I said let you lay
Though I know tomorrow you’re going away

I thought about your life and I learnt why
You painted me wahine above patus of atua in the sky
We danced in mud, as you loved my sister
Then we played and shone in the garden, although we both missed her
You drove me home, I felt like I needed you
I held you when I could, I cared all I could do
I fell through the tidal whisper of your heart
I swam oceans of love just to take time back to the start

I dreamt you like a firefly dancing in light I said let you play
Yes I know tomorrow you’re going away

Hey hey don’t cry now just cause I’m sad
Once bad things have happened they don’t seem so bad
& I’ve loved you, only for a half moon, as much as I ever had
When I see you dancing on that mountain in summer, I’ll be so glad

I see you like pounamu blessed by the river, should I let you lay?

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5. Rise

You’re like a tiger; baby you don’t know your name
You’re like a newborn baby; you don’t show no shame
You’re like the crucifixion; believe me it’s pain
You’re like a refugee girl; you don’t feel the same

But you will come and you will rise the only star within my sky
& I will take you for a ride the only drug that gets me high
& we will live before we die, the only lie within these eyes of shame

You’re like the throne of Zion; you do what you dare
You’re like the ascendant; you’re calling somewhere
You’re like a solo mother; & I’m never there
You’ve got to do you best girl but leave what is fear

You will say “there’s no more time”, the only thought within my mind
& you will leave this world behind, a light so bright it made me blind
& you will tell me I was kind, the only throne that was ever mine to claim

You’re like the wild wind; baby you’re strong as you fall
You’re like a Buddhist proverb; you’re nothing at all
You’re like the new messiah; you’re born to the call
You’re like a revolution; so break down the wall

But you will heal me as you leave, the only bird within your tree
& you will teach me to believe “there’s more to earth than land and sea”
& I’ll let you go before you leave, to love you and to set you free from me

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6. Magpie Song

Well if the dawn chorus brings the magpie song & I’m not there, you make it on your own
& if the full moon fills the night sky, & I’m not there, you wander off alone,  I’m not coming home
The sunrise may be beautiful in the desert, girl, but you won’t ever know ‘cause if you’ve got a right to love me, I’ve got a right to let you go

Yes & if you got a right to love me, I got a right to let you go

You gather like dust in the morning light & like dust you recline
I fought for shadows of beauty in dreams of life, but I could not draw the line
Now you say “look at me babe I’m wasting away”, but you’re just wasting time
& you say your truth is changing now, oh but that’s your truth girl, not mine

& if you got a right to love me, I got a right to let you go

You sent back all the sacred scents of time for an echo of the past
You tore down forests of fear with spears of love, but you tore them down too fast
Now I’m questioning the depth of your love, because you won’t ever ask
Though every inch of time we’ve spent is tied around my neck, I’m coming home at last
Girl you should know

That if you got a right to love me I got a right to let you go

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7. Get Up

You say you feel lazy today, get up then
You say it’s so warm where you lay, get up then
You say that it’s time we should pray, get up then
Well I’ll never stand in your way, get up then

I don’t know why can’t feel my head for my heart this morning
I don’t know why feeling so good as the new day is dawning
I don’t know why taken my troubles without any warning
I don’t know why can’t hear my head for my heart

You say you’re just lying here falling, get up then
You say that I’m causing your stalling, get up then
You say your behavior’s appalling get up then
Karaena your daughter is calling, “get up then”

My love for you drives me crazy but I won’t be a stone for you baby. No no no
When I lie with you I’m in Zion, but believe me you’re free when you’re flying
I want to be a strength & a guide, not a place for your beauty to hide
Got a lot of respect for you girl and I won’t be a chain on your world

You say that I treat you so fine, get up then
You say that I’m wasting your time, get up then
You say that I’m reading your mind, get up then
You say you’ve got mountains to climb, but you’ll never leave me behind

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8. Jah Make It Wet

Most people think that we come from the sky
Don’t they realize that we’re just passing by?
They missed the sermon on Mount Sinai,
Worship the rumours, then hex I and I,
The old ones say it’s true

If Jah make it wet then it’s gonna get wet

So many people they hide from the night
Don’t they believe in the stars in the sky?
So many people let their life pass by
But you’ve got to live it before you can die
And what they say is true

If Jah make it sun then the day’s begun,
When the light is gone that’s when the day is done

Most people think that they govern the land
Talk about things that they don’t understand
This is exactly what the Duppies planned
Can’t see the truth when it’s there in their hands

But if Jah make it wet

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9. Far From Home

When the judgment comes to pass you tremble
When the lion strikes the asp you stumble
When the beggar pass the flask you fumble
When god takes off all her masks you humble
Now you humble,
Is any body out there far from home?
Is anybody out there on their own?
Is any body out there all alone?

When the daylight hits the dew you under
When the Christian holds the Jew you plunder
When god says, “son I love you”, you wonder
When there’s nothing you can do you Ganja
When the singers sing their song you greedy
When the sinners right their wrongs you needy
When the short cut takes too long you speedy
When your victim is too strong you bleeding

Now you bleeding,
He said “These & greater deeds shall be revealed, she who has the power let her heal.  Plant your seed and watch it grow, spread the word and let it go”
& Oh
Is any body out there far from home?
Is anybody out there on their own?
Is any body out there all alone?

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10. 4000 Years

I want to love you but I don’t want to love you like that

You lie naked
You say you’re safe and sacred
You got your rock of ages
& that’s 4000 years of oppression for women
Feel your hatred,
You say your people made it
You got the blood of David
& that’s 4000 years of oppression for women and children

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11. God Is Not A Middle Man

You got the gift but got no giving
You got the war but got no peace
You got the ears but just don’t listen
You got the drugs but no disease
You got the light without no darkness
You got the ocean but no tide
You got the questions but no answers
You got the land but got no pride
Well let me tell you now

I am not a temple for your iron firefly
I am not pedestal to judge your brother by
I am not the sermon on the mount of Sinai
I am not the reason why you people live or die
Got to find the fire light for I to get some sleep tonight
I & I

You got the cunt but got no country
You got the seed but got no womb
You got the needle but no junky
You got no-one dead yet you build a tomb
Well let me tell you now

I am not a vessel for your rainbow cyanide
I am not the cutting of your Macrocarpa
I am not the reason why your loves seek to run and hide
I am not the hatred in the stranger passing by
Got to get to Sinai or I will know no reason why

You got the dream but got no dreamers
You got the ways but got no means
You got belief but no believers
You got the rivers but no streams
Well let me tell you now

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12. The Shepherd

See the time it’s taken
See the vows they’re breaking
See the hope it’s making, forward as they must

See the path you’re weaving
See the code you’re leaving
All the cold deceiving shattered down to dust

I’m a weary rider
I’m the new messiah
I’m a take you higher and place you on your throne
I’m the line of Judah
I’m the Prada Sutra
I’m your father’s tutor come to take you home

& so you’re gonna come home

I’m the line of David,
Elijah, Mohammed and Jacob,
I am naked sacred breaking down the wall

You are faster deeper
You will tire of sleep,
Yeah, take your heart from weeping as you hear I call

You’re gonna come home

I’m the Shepherd of ages,
wild & contagious,
I’m the end of hatred, calm belies my hold

I’m the call to giving,
love for those still living,
mercy and forgiving to those within my fold

You are day time/ nighttime
You see me when I shine
Silently enter my mind, step up to your throne

I’m the rain that’s falling
I’m the new age crawling
& I am calling calling come to take you home

We’re gonna come home
Everybody come home

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13. Empty field

Coming down at five in the morning
Sitting in the middle of the grass
Last nights a kaleidoscope of slipping in and out of life
And with detailed clarity I see it in frames like photographs but
With the motion of the waves
I wonder what if?

Now the mountains silhouette the sunrise
So I walk in circles again
Cold green dawn the earth is breathing
Outshone from the smoke of my cigarette
I guess it tastes the way the memories of you feel
I gaze at the world through this gentle wind

The forest is so deep in its texture
The sky and the sea so lush to my left
The sunrise is casting a blue sky
I’ll find my way home and sleep

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