B11 Tommy and Finn Off Again

Tommy and Finn are off again!

Hey folks below is a brief blurb about our upcoming few shows and the details of those shows.

Like it says Finn and I are really busy saving money for L.A next year working our day jobs and using our spare time to finish our homemade double album!
The record is coming along really well, with our friends Mea and Holly finishing off some lovely harmonies in the weekend just gone.

Holly is in the duet opening for us at Happy and I’m going to ask her to sing on a song with me and Finn too. Mea has opened for us a lot and I’ve been recording her and her friends harmonies for her up coming record. One of her friends was Tessa Rain from Age Pryor and Fly My Pretties and she’s said when she’s finished her record she’s gonna come and sing on ours. Mea, Tessa and holly are all lovely songwriters with stunning voices!

My godfather Bernie will play with us again in Auckland which is kind of a ritual we have, then we go back to his place and stay up all night talking about Neil Young while his beautiful wife cooks us midnight eggs.

I’ve neglected blogging, podcasting and tube casting for the last 3 months as I’m so tied up with the record, I’m still updating my film, book and record reviews but I’m always about a month behind, so Metacritic is still a better option 

The new album has some of my deepest, slowest, saddest, sparsest, folk songs ever, and I don’t know how they’ll fit cohesively with the four full on hiphop tracks! This album should win back some of the reggae fans who found the last record too morose, as it not only has the hiphop tracks (including PARIHAKA) but a couple acoustic reggae-ish jams too. That being said it has 26 songs on it at this stage and at least 16 of them are from the very same family as the last fallen horses record so the fallen horses fans wont go hungry either.

We still can’t decide whether to make it a double album or two albums, and what the band name or names should be. It’s sort of a solo album with help, or a fallen horses outtakes record and a TOMMY b-sides record. As it won’t have the industry production values we’re not sure if we’ll even release it officially and in stores, though we will sell it through our website, I-tunes and at shows.

I don’t want to put you off though, we do truly believe in this record and think it has some of our most beautiful songs on it. We’re just not sure it’s marketable…



Tommy and Finn (the guitar playing and singing half of Tommy and The Fallen Horses) are doing four intimate duet performances as a brief reprieve from their intensive work on the new homemade double album they’re currently slaving over to ensure release before they relocate to the U.S early next year!

Wellington Happy Aug 20th
Includes a full band set and support from Very Nice Treehouse

Auckland One 2 One Sep 10th
With support from Bernie Griffen and Guest

New Plymouth Matinee Sep 11th

Tokomaru Bent Horseshoe Café Nov 6th

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  1.  dom Says:

    i have only just discovered your quite brilliant album – please do a lot of gigs before you relocate – i have to see you guys live before i die! everyone who cares about music has to see you before you leave nz-
    your album is the most mature and touching music to come out of here ever – thank you

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