B17 The New Album

Hey folks


This is just a brief post to remind you we’re still alive despite all evidence the contrary (no gigs, no online activity etc etc)

We’ve been working on 50 demos for a new album. So far we’ve culled them down to 23 but we can’t seem to decide on which of the 23 need to go. To help us decide were going to play a show where we play all 23 songs and give each audience member a set-list-scoring-card so they can rate each song and give us comments about what they like and don’t like so much.


We’d love this to be another tour rather than just a one off show but, you know, if wishes were horses…


So if you live in Wellington, or reasonably near by, please come along to Meow on Saturday August the 18th.


We’re going to have some special giveaways as well as special guests and the more the merrier so please bring your friends.


We have a brilliant Australian producer almost confirmed and if he agrees to produce this record we will be over the moon!!! He’s fucking awesome and totally gets our music and shares the same references we do, so were kind of holding our breath…


Thanks for your concern



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