B14: L.A Upset

Dear friends, family and fans

We got the devastating news last week that the big opportunity, that was to be the ballast for our whole L.A/ Europe trip, fell through. Utter balls ache. So once again Finn and I are in musical limbo, not totally giving up on heading over, just not sure how or why or even where…



After a few days licking my wounds I’ve picked my self back up and am booking as many summer shows as I can and am getting back into the release plan for the Parihaka E.P which I’ve just about finished mixing.

You can expect a busy flamboyant summer from the band as well as some September to November activity as we promote the new E.P.


We have 20 more recordings about 3 months away so summer may see the release of another E.P followed by a new album early 2012.


So we’re a little down but not defeated, which makes for good music but a weary heart. But don’t give us pity. Your smiling faces, shakin’ ass’s and inspired eyes at our shows will be encouragement and support aplenty!


p.s if you know any good managers…


2 Responses to “B14: L.A Upset”

  1.  Chris Says:

    Damn, bummer dude.
    Hope to catch you somewhere in the summer, like Ecofest/Organic Music Festival or maybe Sounds ‘n Nature.
    Hanging out for new tunes!

  2.  hakepa Says:

    The timing isn’t quite right……persevere, be patient and be ready for when it hits. Get grounded too. Any of youz alcoholics or into drugs???? I suggest to cut any of that crap out if you are, just need some role models to hit the big time from Aotearoa. Ya know. Look forward to hearing more of your work.

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