Blog 3 Playing to Everyone

Hey folks


We still have two more shows so this is a little premature but I wanted to make sure those of you who are regular checkers wouldn’t feel neglected and say “thank you so much to the amazing audiences, radio listeners and website visitors who’ve been overwhelming us with support, encouragement, inspiration and determination to keep on keeping on.”


The shows have been some of the best of my life and it turns out the smaller more intimate venues were perfect for this transitional phase in my journey as a songwriter, that being said 8 out of the 9 shows so far (not including two fantastically animated and meteorically  enhanced fairy crossing shows) have been totally packed!


Finn and I have become closer and closer and the music has been getting better and better. Finn and I started adding old TOMMY favorites like Magpie song into our sets and Finn has this innate ability to sound as though he’s been playing them for years. We even added two songs that we never really played live even in the old TOMMY days; ‘Jewls’ and ‘Amber Cascades’.


Most of you have been extremely supportive of the new musical direction of my live show and we’ve always tried to demonstrate our appreciation and respect to those fans who cant help  but “like our old stuff better than our new stuff” by playing as many of their favorites as we can. It is our hope that when we tour our new record in October and November that people have found new favorites in those songs.


I’m going to be uploading heaps of new podcasts and photos over the next 3 weeks as well as posting the tour dates.


Sorry to write a fairly pedestrian little blog but I’m not in the mood for telling a story today just conveying the depth of our gratitude and appreciation that this chaotic exhausting month has been so filled of generosity and hope by you.






2 Responses to “Blog 3 Playing to Everyone”

  1.  Glenn Says:

    You guys are just awsome…saw you on the goodmorning show & will buy your cd when it comes out. Good combination of two top artists…Great!

  2.  taylor from nelson Says:

    just to say YOU GUYS ROCKED Nelson this new years eve just a shame you guys didnt get to sing in the new year and that the other band (fingers down my throat) was I thought the sort of music that I guess would listen to if you were on acid that said apart from tina turner concert i went to you guys are right up there with her and the other great bands keep up the amazing music
    luv yas

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