Blog 1: getting started

BLOG 1: getting started.

Kia Ora everyone
Thank you all for being so patient waiting for this website and thank you to those impatient folks who constantly harassed me to get this one cranking! I’d like to apologize to those loyal friends and fans who kept checking the Myspace page for updates only to find it had been abandoned for eons. I will do my best to keep Blogs, gigs, Podcasts, free demos, news etc all up to date on this site.
As some of you will know the original TOMMY website has been taken over by an Asian company which possibly means it will at least have relevant, and current, information about its host now (which ours hadn’t since the release of our first record).

This first Blog entry is a bit of a pragmatic one but most will be more like diaries or stream of consciousness rants, as will the Podcasts and soon to come film-casts!

Speaking of ‘soon to come’ we have high hopes for making this website one of Rock’s most innovative websites ever and would love to have bulletin boards, Chatrooms, email facilities, private rooms for competitions and business, a gig page with photos of all the venues, live footage and tour footage viewable and down-loadable as well as purchasable media bundles with songs, clips and special features.
We would like this site to become the no1 shop for TOMMY AND THE FALLEN HORSES records, apparel and tickets, as well as for any related bands or my other projects.

Some of these ideas and intentions may take longer than others to implement. In the meantime we hope regular updates of gigs, news, written Blogs, Podcasts (featuring me and the other band members), free downloads etc should keep you all excited enough to keep coming back and seeing what were up to.

I’ll probably write a second Blog before this site gets its release but for now fare well.


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